Monday, October 25, 2010

Can we trust Georgian bloggers?

“Guest-teachers were trained by Georgian psychologists. They were daunted. It would be better if host families were trained too. There are tears in every blog: teachers say: “eat, eat” _ we hear only that from hostess”.” _ Dodka’s new post is about foreign English-Language teachers, who started blogging.   

If you look through page, you will see the Georgian blogs rankings by categories. You will find your favorite articles quickly and easily. There is Dodka’s blog in the top-10. There are the journalists among Georgian bloggers too. But you get more freedom of expression here. People increasingly spread their own opinions. Interaction increases too through comments.

Dodka’s last post has 63 comments. “I can’t understand why Georgians have such aggressive attitude towards these teachers. If I were ordinary American, I would take easy Georgia and English-knowledge level in this country etc. Our people have self-importance” _ says one reader, Monkey. 

 But there is lots of information in the blogs. Facts are lost in the comments and evaluation. People try to impose their opinions on others. There is no ethic code in blogging. Blogs have more subjective content than other forms of balanced journalism. In this case, no one has an ambition of objectivity. Blogger is a free man, who wants to express his own opinion, like Tazo and Zura. They don’t distort facts. Their blogs are in top-20 in blogroll, but they aren’t read because of information and facts. Readers are interested in bloggers’ takes and not the real stories. For getting proper information, they use balanced and objective agencies.

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  1. გეტყობა, უკვე დიდი ხანია ახალ პოსტებს აღარ კითხულობ. საუკუნეა თაზოს აღარ დაუპოსტავს და ზურა კიდევ – სულ სხვა "სფეროშია".

    ძაან ტენდენციურად დაწერილი პოსტია, ირი, thumbs down, sorry. არ იცნობ ბლოგოსფეროს და მხოლოდ ორი–სამი ბლოგით ვერ განსაზღვრავ ვერც მკითხველებს და ვერც თემატიკას.

    "People try to impose their opinions on others." - ბლოგების სპეციფიკაც ესაა ზუსტად, რომ მკითხველს მაშინვე შეუძლია თავისი აზრის გამოხატვა.